HACKS99 Globe with 9GB Total Internet for 7 Days

Sa HACKS99 Globe promo, updated ka sa mga pinaka-aabangang videos! Since this promo is still experimental, not all subscribers are given the chance to register to this package.

Also check HACKSPLUS99 and the all-new HACKSCOMBO99.

If you’re fond of watching YouTube videos, or playing games, Globe offers GoWatch & Play alongside your surfing subscription. The most familiar internet promo of the Telecom is GoSurf. This promo is available for 10 pesos, 15, 30, and 50 denominations. However, the telco removed old versions of this promo. Before, you also get free unlimited text to all networks while subscribed to any GoSurf promo.

  • 2 GB open access internet (mobile data you can use for any website)
  • 7 GB GoWatch & Play (for video streaming and playing online games)
  • 99 Pesos
  • valid for 7 days

To register, send HACKS99 to 8080

To check status, send HACKS99 <space> STATUS to 8080

Or, you can also use DATA <space> BAL and send to 8080

Stop your promo, type HACKS99STOP and send to 8080

Wala pong space yan in between.

Are you a former HACKS99 or HACKSPLUS99 user? If yes, can you still register up to this time? Mag-iwan ng comments sa ibaba para malamin natin kung tuluyan na bang inalis ni Globe ang promo.

Hacks99 Globe

Ok, so pano natin malalaman kung eligible ba tayo sa ganitong promo? No need to waste your load for trial and error process. It’s easy to determine if we can register to this stuff or not.

  1. Even at ZERO balance, we can determine if the network allows us to participate in their beta testing for Hacks 99. So what we need to do is simply type in HACKS99 and send it to 8080.
  2. Now, wait for 8080’s reply. The reply will pretty much tell us if we can register or not. Here’s how we determine it.
Cannot Register Hacks99 Globe

Cannot Register to Hacks 99

If you’d look at the picture on the left (or above if you’re on mobile) you’ll see that your sim card is not eligible for this package. But don’t worry! There are other promos like GOTSCOMBODD70 with 1 GB of internet. Or, if you need more bandwidth, just add 20 pesos and register to GOSAKTO90. Both of these promos have 2 GB of GoWatch & Play bandwidth. Therefore, you’ll get a total of 3 GB and 2 GB respectively.

How to Register Hacks99 Globe

You’ll be amazed to know that you can subscribe to Hacks99 Plus!

If the reply is just like the above image, then rush to the nearest loading station and register to Hacks Plus 99 Promo. Yeah, they have two keywords but they are just the same.

New Codes & Keywords HACKSPLUS99

Oo, maliban sa kumakalat na Hacks 99, Meron din tayong Hacks Plus 99 Globe Promo. Though the keywords are different, both offer the same amount of bandwidth to its users.

So paano mag register dito? All you need to do is send HACKSPLUS99 to 8080. Ganoon din sa status, kunin ninyo yung pattern sa itaas. Or, gamitin ninyo yung DATA BAL keyword.

HACKSCOMBO99 or Hacks Combo 99

Available to selected users only. If you get a text message from Globe, then you’re eligible to redeem this offer. Isa lang masasabi ko, ang swertre mo 🙂

Not all are given the chance to enjoy thi type of offer from Globe telecoms. And if you’re not sure if you’re allowed or not, you can try and send the keyword HACKSCOMBO99 to 8080. If it says your load balance is not enough, then proceed to top-up your sim card and register.