GS30 Globe GOSURF30 Promo 2 Days 150 MB + FREE App Access

GS30 promo, the improved GoSURF30 is currently GS30! fancy not solely 50MB, not solely 100MB, however 150MB mobile information. you’ll use this information allocation to go to any web site you wish. Plus, you’ll incline an opportunity to decide on associate degree app which can get further mobile information. The promo is valid for two days and is price thirty pesos.

  • 150MB mobile data
  • 50MB access to 1 app of your choice
  • Valid for 2 days
  • Requires 30 LOAD

GS30 Gone?

To subscribe:

Text GS30 to 8080

Above is the keyword to register to this promo. However, the promo is not available right now.

Is your mobile information draining? With 150MB mobile information allocation, there’s heaps you’ll do. however what if the info is debilitating fast? If this example is occurring to you, please check if there area unit put in apps on your phone which needs net association to perform. Usually, they’re those which might drain your information allotment. One tip is to disable automotive vehicle updates thus will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} management that of those apps can solely get access to connecting to the net. Those that don’t have your permission can stay because it is.

Another factor that drains mobile information is visiting or browsing video websites. Most celebrated example is YouTube. If you’re attending to browse and watch via YouTube, please confirm that the promo you’re victimization is capable of delivering the info you would like. attempt subscribing to GOSURF50 to access these quite websites. GOSURF50 additionally has associate degree choice if you’d just like the promo to last for three days or five days. each choice go along with unlimited all network text.

It is additionally sensible to alter the video settings. Higher quality videos want additional information to load. calibre videos consume lesser mobile information than high definition or HD.