GOSURF99 or GS99 with 1 Month 200MB Internet + 1GB FREE

GOSURF99 or GS 99 is a promo for surfing. With this, you’ll get a month, yes, a month of internet. The amount of bandwidth, however, is a bit less compared to other internet promos. But, the good thing is, we can combine this promo with other bulk offer, giving you more flexibility.

  • 200MB of consumable internet
  • 99 Pesos
  • Good for 1 month
  • with FREE 1GB for app of your choice

The recent version of this promo solely comes with 100MB mobile information. Now, Globe doubled the fun by giving another 100MB information for a complete of 200MB mobile information expendable for thirty days or one month. The recent version additionally provides 1GB information allocation for Basic Spotify access. Now, you’ll be able to select that app receives 1GB mobile information allocation. This promo is best for social media access. However, you’ll be able to solely select one.

To register:

Text GS <space> 99 to 8080

GOSURF99 still available?

Sad to say, this promo is now discontinued…

Clash of Clans could be a diversion mobile app. It’s thought of as a technique game owing to the sport play. accustomed to Facebook’s curtilage Monsters? If you were enjoying curtilage Monsters before, then you’ve got Associate in Nursing edge! you’ll be able to apply a number of your methods so as to form your city powerful enough to not be wiped by your opponents.

This game is barely one in every of the opposite apps accessible within the Apple store or Google Play Store. Given 200MB mobile information, you’ll be able to play this game. this can be not like alternative mobile games once you solely level up once you square measure enjoying it. you’ll be able to train barbarians and archers then shut the app. simply come once they square measure prepared for battle.

It’s liberal to play! Yes! do you have to would like a lot of builders quickly, you’ll be able to purchase gems. this may boost your city progress and you’ll be able to additionally obtain boosters for buildings to coach troopers quicker.