GOSURF505D 350MB + Unli Text to All Networks for 5 Days

GOSURF505D or the GS 505D is another version of the very popular Go Surf promos from Globe. It is a combination of text and surf where you can choose your favorite app to get the free 300MB of data. Read below to see how to register.

  • 350MB consumable internet
  • 300MB free for app of your choice
  • 50 Pesos
  • 5 Days
  • Unlimited text to all networks

How to register to this promo?

To subscribe:

Text GS <space> 505D to 8080

To stop subscription:

Text GOSURF <space> STOP to 8080

GOSURF505D Keywords for 300MB Freebie

Here is the keyword you need to use to redeem the freebie for your Facebook app.

Text GS505D <space> FB to 8080

To choose Viber freebie:

Text GS505D <space> VIBER to 8080

You can actually pick a promo for your Snapchat app. With GoSurf 50 5 days, being online for up to almost a week is now attainable. So if your friends hang out on Snapchat, you can too with this great promo!

Text GS505D <space> SNAPCHAT to 8080

Pokemon Trainer? No problem! Enjoy free data to get you going.

Text GS505D <space> POGO to 8080